Klaus Enrique

Klaus Enrique, who studied genetics at the University of Nottingham, turned to photography as a way to show the unexpected. As his portfolio states, he likes to combine things in unlikely ways.

“Juxtapositions that inspire concerned thought, but assume - and conquer - the formidable challenge of embedding within each of the photographs, through the display of the unexpected and/or the contradictory, a consistently-poignant representation of life’s unending potential.”

What I find interesting about Enrique’s work is how it plays into our natural disposition to always look for human faces in our environment. A grouping of vegetables, fruits and flowers suddenly turns into a human face because of the way our minds are wired. We take it for granted, it’s so much a part of our life that we never think about it, but the way humans look at the world is to look for themselves. For more information on Enrique’s work, click here

- Lee Jones